Friday, July 17, 2009

Wind Pilot Test Day 16-07-2009

Well folks after quite a while Guiding Light is on the move again, the installation of the Hydrovane itself was completed during the week with loads of help from the girls and on Wednesday afternoon with a final bit of help from Carlos! Done! So Thursday was Test Day, Wednesday evening...thurs morning was spent with Sonia and Isabel culminating in 'La Madame Sans Gere' in celebration! with Patricia and Bacho as well. Sonia a very competant racing sailor and also teaches Yoga, (big boats) joined me at 9am later Thursday morning, and when ready for sea, we left the berth and fueled the boat. The wind was quite strong F5ish which made that a bit awkward, as we left in glorious sunshine, Carlos now with changed job as Sailing Instuctor, came alongside with his students to say good sailing, and Sonia + me began hoisting we were in the middle of that..... a rain squall came across the port F^in F6! Sonia dived below to get our waterproofs but to late for me! soaked dosent really describe it. Whilst we were in this condition I engaged the pilot for its first test, left Sonia already fully waterproofed watching it, and went below to change! SUCCESS!! the Hydrovane was driving the boat no problem. The test journey was to 'Sada Marina' at Sada in Ria de Betanzos Position: 43,21.51N , 8,14.79W, a double barreled reason, second part was for a social visit as well, during the next couple of hours we were close hauled, beam reach, broard reach and downwind on both tacks, the pilot performed perfectly, I couldnt help staring at it steering the boat with my tiller lashed amidships. Slight adjustments to the heading on the control line had imeadiate effect every time WOW WoW WOW.
Sonia lives in Sada and has her friend Anna a portrait painter staying with her, Isabel was born here, she is a Galizian through and through and has sailed these waters since she was 3 or 4 years old with her Dad! amazingly enough we found out only Wednesday that we share the same birth date of 7th April! how amazing is that! she is a local television actress, the television studios are in Santiago and because she was working recording her latest soap series was joining us later, her family live here too.
On arrival at Sada we were greeted by Casper! he is a very large Dolphin who visits Sada very often, I have to say so similar to 'Fungi' the Dolphin at 'Dingle' in southern Ireland, he played with the rudder and the boat for about an hour, all the way to the berth and while we were mooring, amazing.
With port formalities over we headed for Sonias house (with my wet laundry), Anna cooked a traditional Galizian lunch of grilled sardines and potatoes, small green peppers, some so hot they burn (we were all caught out), bread, pie and Sonias dips with Isabel's cakes for afters, Isabel arrived and joined us and we sat in Sonias garden veranda with the dogs and cats having a wonderful lunch, UNbelieveably good occasion. The evening was so lovely we all went back to the boat at 2000 for an evening sail, going there and back to 'Redes' Position: 43,25.06N 8,11.90W Anna had never ever been in a boat and when asked how she was enjoying it replied "I'm on a different planet" on the way back answering the same question said "it feels like I've done this all my life", Isabel and Sonia were singing traditional and some not so traditional songs at the top of their voices and much fun was had, sunset was specacular like the eye of Gandor as it came below the distant cloud bank and dipped below the Atlantic Ocean sea horizon, we arrived back at 2315hrs and off for a meal next to the Pirate bar, we were going to visit there as well but we were all too tired so decided to call it quits.
Today Friday 17 is catch up day for me.


  1. Great news, Roy and so glad you are obviously having a good time! Margaret

  2. Hi Roy,
    Yes you are definitely having fun!! I took Mum & Dad to see U. Ken & Lynne yesterday (Tues), as it was Mum's 86th birhtday. We had a really good day. I wish the weather was better here Roy, its been on and off all day. We are all well, as I hope you are too.
    Think of you lots, once again - - stay safe.
    Love Marjorie xx