Tuesday, March 13, 2018

St Lucia update

Hi everyone,
Doesn't time fly, its now half past March already.
I have registered in the Antigua Classics again this year, and hopefully get the new main up again today, so I will be able to sail fast again. Boat looks very tired and weather worn, shes been through 'hell and High Water' these last few months, and I've had no time to make her look nice.
All issues have been done, new stays have been made, both the bumpkin and bowsprit! as they were both the same age. Spares for engine were ordered and received, and also the spare for the Generator which has been out of service for quite some time. They will be fitted soon. Issue with the bilges also sorted and after a trial sail Jerry has adjusted the main.
So just about ready to go up to Antigua, if I go early enough I might be able to tidy her up to look at least halfway decent (as though the owner takes some care).
That's me up to date then.
Wish I had time to upload some more pics, but the sail is calling me to get it up.


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