Saturday, March 31, 2018

Now in Antigua

Hi All,
Well got the sail on ok and left for Antigua on Monday afternoon 1500 hrs 12th March arriving there on Wednesday morning at 11-15 hrs, had a good wind and direction so was able to actually steer the right course for a change, 45 hours isn't a bad crossing time either.
Sail was still not right so will have to use my very very old sail from 1955 ! it is still ok and was made by Ratseys in New York USA. it is stained though, but looks definitely in character. have now sorted all the photos into there right folders,  so next blog should have some pics as well.
Only other news is I've gone stark staring bonkers and bought another Yacht.....I know...I am mad.
So I will post something about that after the Classics is over, will try and put a pic as well.

As always I am looking forward to the racing and meeting all I know there, trying to put a bit of training in ! er not for racing silly, for the PARTIES 

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