Thursday, December 14, 2017

December 2017

Hi Everyone,
well the battery is still ok, but, the computer is getting more and more unreliable, even when battery is full, computer verifies this saying 100% available but it will not use the battery and switches itself off! back to less than square one, cause now I am back to using the on screen keyboard as approx 60% of the keys won't work any more????
No pics today, I am getting the boat ready to start moving about again now that hurricane season is over. Going through my check list as I speak. 1) anchor chain was cleaned it took 5 days! so much marine growth, unbelievable! when above the anchor it took 2 + hours too break it out of the muddy bottom, approx 20 feet of chain and anchor were buried about 10 feet down ! boat never moved 1/2 an inch. 2) have a failed mast head lamp, and my steaming lamp and deck flood don't work they have to be next on list, then all the fiddly jobs, too many to mention here.

Itinerary is Carriacou to clear customs, will prob spend Xmas there, then St Lucia to pick up the new sails I'm having made, once that's done I can then think of computer, doubt very much if I will find the same model. Then back to Grenada for sailing week, we have started a classic class, and as second to commit will be doing that. Jud owner of 'Galatea' (1899) was first to start the ball rolling.
I have a lot of pics to post when next I can.

All the very best for Xmas and New Year 2018 to all who check out and read my blog!

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