Sunday, October 22, 2017

Serious Update

Hi Everyone,
Well I have been having usual trouble with internet here in Clark Courts Bay, IE:- none! and again its a dingy ride to the nearest place where I can plug in and use the computer.
I have managed to work out how to charge the battery separate from the computer, so now when power goes out I no longer lose everything I have written or used, as the battery takes over again, at long long last! So thanks to Rowan for getting the new batt to me.

Updates follow with I hope pictures.
August 2017
First off 2 0f 52 pictures from a guy named Tim who took them at the regatta in Carriacou, he met me here and gave me all of them. Also 2 I took going round a very scary island reef during the racing.



I then moved down to Grenada at St Georges anchourage for a few days, then round to Clark Courts Bay. Where I still am at present.

September 2017
I tried to haul out here for a couple of days but the new shipyard was full with no chance until maybe October or later. 1 pic of early evening.

I then decided I just had to address the fresh water tank bad smell that has returned, even after all the work I did too it in St Martin. I could not check the tank interior as there was no inspection hatch fitted when I had it made, so I am to blame for that. It had to come out then and have an inspection hatch retro fitted, that meant major disruption to my blinking bed! Everything had to come out of the fwd cabin and be put somewhere else! and of course there is nowhere else to put it, so it was put everywhere else at complete random! Leaving me a tiny space to live correction EXIST in!
Following pics of the work which I didn't finish till middle of October! Other reasons applied to that as well which follow after pics

October 2017
So on Sunday morning 1st October, I got a call from Susie on 'Spirited Lady'. Her crew to help take her boat to Trinidad, for a booked haul out at 'Motor Boats Marina' on Monday morning, had failed to turn up! I had said that if that happened I would go with her instead. She had me signed on her crew list and be her crew by lunch time! We then had a roast Sunday lunch in 'Taffy's Bar' 'Woburn Bay' then back to her boat in 'Port Louie Marina' in St Georges Harbour, to get the boat ready hoping to leave at about 6 pm. We left closer to 7pm put the sails up and went to Trinidad!
We arrived approx 0930hrs Monday morning, the yard had the travel lift ready and straight in, done and dusted on the hard by 1030hrs. I spent a week there, and as Susie had hired a car she took the dogs and me on a tour of the Islands North Coast and the beaches, Wow! Following the pics of that.

following pics from the Cathedral of Bamboo 

More later

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