Saturday, August 13, 2016

At Rodney Bay

Hi All,
Still doing catch up,
All those items on the work list were finished as well as a couple of extra ones while was waiting for my computer to be repaired, my friends doing this work finally found everything working except for the screen. A new screen was ordered which made for another 2 week delay, meantime I had left the marina with all systems tested and working and carried on with a lot of the small jobs, Rowan and Maggs will remember the batteries on the floor with all the temp. wiring and exposed terminals in 2014 and 2016. So now that all that has been proved I built a new electric charge controller, mounting all the components in a big junction box and wiring it all up. This too now works ! I can charge any battery from any source with only 1 switch needed, all these systems including the hydro alternator were tested on load as AOK. Then using some of the warped original oak wood I built a new battery box / storage compartment on the starb side of the boat, boarded out the shelves and fitted the batteries. On top of that I have mounted the fridge freezer freeing up the space for my clothes again, instead of sharing my bed with them all.
So we are very close to catching up to today now, 4 days ago my screen arrived and was fitted with all working A1. I sent an email for the first time since the end of June, but the battery was not charging up. Its still not working and a new one is required. But I have been here to long so made the decision to leave anyway and get a battery at my leisure, to this end I have updated this blog and cleared customs yesterday Friday 12th July to leave today 13th at approx 3 or 4 in the afternoon. As its Sat now at 16.45hrs I have not left for a very good reason.
I went shopping for the tiny things I had forgotten this morning at 1000hrs, on returning with said shopping I learned there had been an incident in the anchorage minutes before. The gentleman in the boat next to me told me of a high speed boat that had run amuck on full throttle hitting his boat and damaging his dingy, while he was telling the story my boat swinging on the anchour turning so we could see the port side, there just aft of the port hole was another Hole, this boat had hit mine so hard it has broken 4 planks and 3main internal frames with splits all around in the connected timbers, I had to call for an emergency haul out! and instead of sailing to Carriacue this evening I will be spending it in the Shipyard instead, what kind of luck is that.
I will post pics soon I promise, but that is what happened to me today. (might get drunk tonight)
More later

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  1. As I recall, those are some of the same planks that you had to replace in St. Thomas a few years back. Hopefully, the speed boat was insured and will be paying your yard bill?? Or are you.stuck with it.. Gaby and I are well and still anchored in Anguilla. Heading to St.Kitts In a few weeks before spending some vacation time back in STT. Good luck Roy, and I hope we see you soon. keep your chin up mate