Thursday, May 26, 2016

Update end of May 2016

Hi all,
Very slow internet so no pics this time.
I finished the boats current repair, primed the whole hull, adjusted the waterline as not happy with it after the reef. As I was very impressed with the Hard anti fouling as apposed to the ablative, did the bottom with VC Offshore, it took awhile to get that paint and it took 3 gallons to give it 2 coats, a bit expensive, but I hope worth it this time. Launched the boat on Monday afternoon and not leaking, still weeping through the wood here and there, but only 1 pump switched on so the whole boat is draining into the smallest bilge under the engine, time between pumping is approx 5 hours and quantity is about a gallon of water. But have been here before, and every time I go sailing a new different place leaks, there surely can't be that many places left for me to fix as I've had no failures in the ones already done, I will just have to suck it and see.
Have one trial sail to do, then off to Jolly Harbour for a very required re-stock of food supplies.
I really wanted to finish painting the saloon and Head this time, and all deck teak needs to be done again.
The spares for Fred I will have sent to St Lucia, have while waiting done the reinforcement to the aft framework by re-placing the 4 x wood screws on each brace with 6 x 8 m/m countersunk machine screws fastened with stainless angle iron bolted up on the frame, pics have been taken and will be posted soon I hope.
I could be on my travels soon, I am so looking forward to that.

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  1. Good morning Roy. Hope you're enjoying STT. On your way to pick up parts for Fred, stop into Road Harbour Anguilla and say hello if you have time. Gaby says she will cook you something up special.. We are planning to drop the boat in STT the end of Sept. and head for the states. I have a man who works for me Starlin that races the classic every year and is absolutely in love with your boat, so if you decide to stop over, expect to give him a tour and maybe take a sail. His team just won the Anguilla Day boat race by more than six minutes. see you sometime!