Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Calm Day before the storms

Hi everyone, sorry for not posting for awhile again ! it takes so long to do a simple post it gets very frustrating when I am trying to fix the boat. I am trying to post a video and pics that are missing today, but still have a lot of work to finish, Following pics are of my known leak issues on the stern post. I found the reason to be trapped water that had saturated the seam  and rotted the caulking cotton, the plank ends had gone so soft the fasteners had pulled out and damaged the wood... so two new plank ends had to be fitted

So that part of the current work is nearly finished. I came out in the Slipway Boatyard same day as regatta finished.
With those pics uploaded will try for Video Post Title now.........

Well hopefully that came out OK.

Couple of pics of stormy weather before getting to Antigua. In a Minute

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