Saturday, February 27, 2016

A N other Provo update

Hi again everyone,
Well I felt so comfy here I decided that at long last (after 5 years) I would rebuild the starboard side bunk and shelving to regain a complete interior saloon and be able to reuse the extra stowage space, and also be able to invite guests down below without being terribly embarrassed.
This meant that I had to paint it all for...again... 5 years ago... all the reef damaged bits that I have just had to suffer because I've had too many other things on the priority list.
                                                              Here are the photos........
my temp. clothes line wiring all had to be removed first (1)


Then the paint job, not only the hull side but underneath the teak deck as well

Because of all the reef damage, and ..........
This local bird fished on the dock every day, and caught serious amounts of Fish.
.........the repairs to the hull frames, they were not exactly the same size as before, so after retrieving all the stowed away woodwork that I had restored in 2012 (and had been carrying around in bits all over the boat!!!), nothing would fit were it used to be before. Following pics show the rebuilding and fitting of all these bits. Note the modified bunk seat that again at long last I made the access hatches in, I can now stow things bigger than a 4" cube under the bunk!
at the children's home another bit of local wildlife...the biggest catapilla I have ever seen, not sure if I would like to meet it after the metamorphoses has finished!   

 And finally the finished comfy Bunk with the beginnings of stowed stuff .

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