Saturday, February 27, 2016

A N NN other update from Provo

So here I am Saturday 27th, and all jobs to do finished!!! Thursday I took the boat out for a test sail, I invited Porsche and Adam to keep me company, we had a great days sail in the afternoon, I was so proud to have them aboard and to let them both in turn helm Guiding Light out through the reef with Adam on the tiller, and returning though the reef with Porsche doing all the steering while we put the sails to bed. What a magic day that was.
During the afternoon I checked my new generator output whilst sailing...IT WORKS !!!!!!!!! boat is now good to go, and now I am waiting till Monday and see what the weather will be doing this next week, so..... as to leave this gorgeous Island (sadly) and head back to St Thomas.
I have had such a good time here words fail to describe it. I have met so many people and enjoyed their company and conversation like you wouldn't believe,  Porsche and Adam run one of the best Marinas I have ever been too anywhere!!! everyone who comes here are treated by them like a long lost friend! 

Please check out their web site, you will find shit loads of photos of me there as well,
Porsche and Adam especially Porsche post the most amazing photos and give everyone a mention.


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