Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hull starts to change

Hi All,
Well its taken over 2 weeks to get myself organised, but this last week end I am now well into the caulking phase or repairs. I finally sanded down the port topside,s finished with a coat of primer, The boat now looks the same both sides pic 1
Then after that I went round the stempost, sternpost and both garboards to inspect the seams for damage or other issues and felt a mod was needed on the aft end ot the garboard. I have drilled and fastened 2 plates there, as I was not happy with the fasteners. the bolts go right through the boat, that will make sure they won't move. I then caulked, primed and have started to antifoul as I finish each seam. pics 2 & 3

There will be a few more pics now as I progress up to the deck

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