Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Hi All,
Had a bit of a frustrating week, trying to get the electrics back in some sort of working order, this is to monitor the engine. So after looking at all the instruments (something I have been not willing to do) dismantling them, cleaning and testing, I managed to save only five of them. I have however an oil press, volt meter, amp meter, Tachometer and water temp meter all working in the cockpit. Had a lot of fiddly rewiring and replacing the end terminals to do, this has taken me all week, much longer than I planned, still expected though. I didn't want to be in a position of boat finished and trying to do this before I launched, I just knew there were no quick fixes here. Engine now starts from the original key switch, but most below gauges are no good.
Didn't want to bore the pants off everyone with stupid pictures of electric bits, I have these for my own future info. Oh one thing really did bug me, I had all my drawings of the wiring made using autocad! and having lost that program when laptop was stolen, plus CD, I couldn't open them anymore, (my memory of doing the electrics over 18 years ago is sort of sketchy to say the least).
So I will leave that now, change tools again, and get on with caulking the hull! There will be lots of pics there I'm sure.


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  1. if you still need to look at the files, there seem to be a few free autocad file viewer programs about! Even at least one online one: www.sharecad.org

    Never used so don't know whether they work, but might be worth trying...