Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hull frame and plank 'End Game'

Next Job Starts.

Hi again faithful followers,
Some of the pics taken this week follow, its made me a very happy man to arrive at this point in the repairs of the damage to GL!
Of course one more large bit of wood to fashion to make her a complete, 'Hydrodynamic Aquatic Greyhound' again.
First fitting of the Port Garboard plank.
It took a few goes before we were happy.
After adjusting, the drilling and screwing in progress, again Morgan at the helm.
Left overnight Wednesday to get used to the bend and twist.
Thursday mark out thickness, drill holes for floor fasteners and plane down to size.
After that was completed, bedding compound applied to frames keel and garboard.
Then the epoxy mix applied to the scarf joint.
And at 2:45pm Thursday, all glued scewed and bolted together. I fitted the plugs and all left to cook for the night.

and finally with both planks sanded, faired and primed the planking is finished.

Deadwood is next on the list of 'things to do'

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