Friday, August 10, 2012

Hi All,
Have been at it all week solid! Friday and I am soooo pleased to tell you all that the starboard plank is now fitted, glued, screwed, rough faired and plugged up. Baring acidents, never to be removed again, by me anyway. A few things left to do on it, but its in, and fits like a gauntlet (I mean glove).
So a few pics of the happening follow.
Morgan couldn't resist taking a pic of my foot sticking out!
above and below preparing the frame ends.

I made a little dam, and filled all the frame end gaps with epoxy mixed with micro fibres.
Next came cutting the scarf joints.
Then spiling the plank cutting template, Morgan at the helm.
After cutting the plank out, our first trial fit.

Second fitting last night.
And this afternoon = the last two pics after gluing, and plugs in DONE

going to the pub now



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