Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hi Everyone,
Rough faired nailed and riveted
I have been carrrying on with work, so another few pics of the progress.

First Plank to be replaced comes off

Started to remove planks and fasteners on the starb. side.

My water tank is right here, so to access it the port bottom foreward bunk boards had to come out!

Attending to a delayed work to do job. (only 18 years late)
These boards were never finished in 1994 when I put them in, and have just been plain wood, with no protection, they have always swelled up with the damp, especialy when it became the wet room at the very begining of this voyage in 2009!

veiw 2

There are more of these under the bed, but they will have to wait, I have to have a nap somewhere now and again.

The dreaded Leargy, Mange  or a weird tropical disease
And this view of the boat at the moment. All on its own, I think I have a terrid, socialy unexeptable disease, I will call it 'Wooden Boat Syndrome' no-one with a fibre glass boat wants to come near. Scare de cats!
No really they change from 'boat yard' to 'boat storage yard' at this time of year, in preparation for the hurricane season. I just happen to be the last work in progress boat to be shafted, er I mean shifted, somewhere out of the way.

The big Moon
Some observations.
Took a photo of the supposed big moon, it chose that night to have high cloud cover. And it looked normal size to me.
I have been thinking, its 18 years I have owned this boat, and doing things like this to it.
 What will I be doing in 18 years 83 years old, with a boat 94 years young at the dock?
My mind does wonder about a bit when I am sanding and varnishing.

Ah well, all for now, back to work.

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