Friday, June 8, 2012


Hi all,
More picys,
Cutting Plugs
Now time to put the plugs in over the nails, so they have to be cut in their hundreds!
Pic of me in Chris's open air work shop cutting them on his drill press.

Chris had already cut and fitted some for me, about 70 odd, I did the rest, another 162.

All bunged up 1
With all bungs in, 2 pics. I have begun to finally 'Butter', the planks.

All bunged up 2

Buttering the Planks

Reminder of the damaged plank surface's

  This is to stabilize the wood surface after all that rubbing and scraping on the reef. With all the plugs sanded down this is now in progress.

 It will take a bit of time to do, and after trialing various fillers I chose to use West System and the '407' light filler. I overhauled the overboard valves and fitted them sealed up with goo, before starting this job.

 And last pic is the port side plank removal. I did more damage to this side of the boat, in an hour and a half, than the reef did in 48hrs. I just hacked them out with no finesse! and I am glad to say, the frames are undamaged this side. A few loose fasteners to address, but it faired a lot better than t'other side.
I don't think I will be using copper nails though, All the damage is below the port bunk and galley stove, there is no room to swing a door mouse in there, I just haven't the get up and go to remove that lot, it will just have to stay were it is.
more and more coming.

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