Friday, January 6, 2012

Hi again everyone,
Internet again so more photos.
First three 1= Iguana in the top of a tree behind GL.
2 + 3 = removing the Garboard Plank.

So I had to relax, and went to 'Las Vagas Night' a fund raising for the St Thomas Montisori School before Xmas.
1 = general view 2 = my date for the evening Erin 3= Sanding the Hull after moving the boat

Back to work and the first frame is removed. 1 = frame removed 2 = Frame on bench 3 = View from the room where Evelyne and Chris let me stay.

Pics of prorgress. 1 + 2 = Garboard removed Pic 3 = Hull sanded and Rig for pulling the boat back into shape.

pics 1 = second frame removed. 2 = New Years Party at 'Bottoms Up', Doug, Erin and me, Sam and me

So taking a little time off here and there.

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