Sunday, December 11, 2011

@ St Thomas Dec. 2011 No.1

Hi everyone,
Well at last I have an internet connection using a new laptop sent from UK.

photo 1 = bunk and panels removed showing 5 of the damaged frames.

So first posting. I am going to try and post at least once a week, more if something happens.
I've been very busy trying to salvage tools and equipment. Also I have been removing the starboard side bunk and panels. I bought a new Bosch ossilating tool, as, when I opened my Fein toolbox it was full of salt water, with everything rusty. I suspected the electrics were U.S. I have been using it to remove the caulking on the damaged area of planks. Then I needed to use another attachment. I cleaned up the rusy ones as I needed them. While doing this I took the tool itself to bits, and to my suprise I was able to fix it. So I now have a 220 volt tool and a US 120 volt tool.
After doing all that I then sourced a 2" pipe of the correct length, using this and one of the boat stand adjusters, I have been jacking the broken frames back into original position from the inside.
Photo 2 = pic of jacking out the frames.

So far I have been doing this for three days and have had really good results. The planks on the starboard side are just about back in position after being squashed flat on the reef.

I have made a deal with the boatyard manager, this is to stay here for 6 months while repairs are carried out. I have to decide now how or what method to use to replace the frames

More later, as I go with the repairs.


  1. Roy, you amaze me, you have been working so hard and try to find a few minutes to help others, me being one of them, thank you, you are up there with Dahli Lama and Ghandi... you are truely a Guiding Light!

  2. Roy, you have been at the boatyard for days, from sunrise to sunset, hope all is well and let's get in touch, will not let you spend all of xmas day fixing your boat, you need a break! Hugs, from Norma