Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Going Native

Hi Everyone,
Well everywhere I have been so far I have found 'project boats'. They are usually in need of lots of TLC, but they are owned by people who are not rich, and they can only fix things slowly. Some will never journey again, even though the owner still tries to make the required repairs.

I have always seen these very down to earth people, everyone a 'charecter', that are well worth talking too, going back and forth to their moorings using outboard motors and dingies of dubious age and condition. After the reef, my outboard fits in with this local scene perfectly, hence the pics. 
The dingy its on was kindly lent to me by Chis of Custom Canvas and Sails Inc.

The next pics are of my shattered anchor windlass, it sits in the bar at 'Bottoms Up' at the boatyard. Only one foot remains still attached. This winch took the full force of the attempted tow off on the night I ran up the reef, 30-10-20011. It didn't pull out of the deck.

more later

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