Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cleanup cont.

Hi all again,
Have to say thanks for all the comments and support I have been receiving, I felt very alone for a bit but have rallied myself into gear again. Managed to open up the battery locker yesterday, what a mess, melted cables everywhere and an inch or so of corrosion on the batteries themselves. I spent all day getting them out to see if any could be 'fixed-ish', a good clean up later, and a borrowed battery charger, and to my surprise three of them are in pretty good condition, one though is kaput. I have them on charge I can continue with the engine and trying to start that. I have saved the starter motor and I am trying to save the alternator today, using all my knowledge. Also the new battery charger I bought was full of SW but after a complete overhaul I will try switching it on and see what happens. I am expecting a spectacular big bang.
On a lighter note. About a month ago I bought a local car bumper sticker. It reads 'WELCOME TO ST. THOMAS' USVI, underneath it says 'YOU CARN'T MAKE THIS SHIT UP' I found the sticker under the fuel tank, took it outside and stuck it on the worst damaged bit of GL's hull! Its made everyone laugh and say that at least I haven't lost my sense of humour.
I have still to find my camera, it was suposed to be waterproof, but as yet no sign, it could have been washed overboard of course, but have not finished searching everywhere yet, so still hoping.
More later

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