Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Big Clean Up

Hi Everyone,

Haven’t managed to search GL completely yet – you wouldn’t believe the time it’s taken to try to get through the gunk left by the sea water flooding through. Add to this the water levels coming and going during each of the tides while on the reef, then finally being pumped out, and you have some idea of how much flood chaos there has been to try to clear up. I’ve been finding things in very odd places – eg my shaving brush under the electric box. I even found my computer hard-drive back up, thought that had been washed overboard. Don’t know whether it will work or not. Can’t try it in the lap top of course, that’s sitting there completely useless encrusted with dried salt, as is all my radio and sat nav electronic gear . So have very limited access to the internet at present.
Yesterday managed to remove the saloon table to access the floor-boards, so am finding more things washed down below too. Have filled lots of black bags with sodden equipment no longer any use. Including waterproof torches, hmmm.
A few brighter notes to end – Fred survived intact! The new reinforced mounting that I fitted last month has certainly had the mother of all sea trials and passed with flying colours.
The solar panels are giving some output despite not working properly. Also, although the dingy was lost I managed to recover the outboard motor and have managed to repair it except for one small broken piece which I’ll order after the holiday weekend. St Thomas US VI has been celebrating Veterans Week (from 11.11.11).
Friends here are helping me keep positive, and as you know, I haven’t lost my sense of humour either. Thanks everyone.

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