Sunday, October 9, 2011

General Info

Hi All,
Just to let everyone know, I have stayed here in Benner Bay because of hurricane season and the facilities available here. Also of course to make sure the boat is ready for another passage. Benner bay is a natural hurricane hole and very protected from wind and waves. I have met many new friends, and have been made very welcome here. I have fixed all the bits and have made a few more mod's to make things easier. Varnish work has had a few new coats, also the cabin top has been painted. Living aboard has enabled me to fix many things, and GL really does look and work better than she ever has. Fred has been tested a couple of times and now appears to be really sorted with this new fix. The Garboard planks port and starboard have been bolted back in position, but, its my opinion I will have to recalk them again as they moved during this process and do leak a bit, well more like weeping would be more accurate, so bilge pump comes on more often than I would like. Its always leaked a bit, but since the aborted Atlantic crossing its been an awfull lot more than at present. The stem however always did leak a lot, this has now stopped completely, everywere up forward is now dry as a bone.
It has been a very active weather season, unpridictable, and so far we have not been hammered. I am keeping an eye on the Atlantic, and its looking as though the trades are starting and begining to push the tropical storms down into the south.
So after I have finished a couple of more little items, my plan will be to go 'down island', prob as far as Grenada, then as the time passes furkle my way back up here to the Virgin Islands, and carry on were I left off this year. This will be 2012 next May, as long as the world is still here. April in Antigua 2012 is the 25th Classic Event, and could prove very prestigous to attend, so.....
Thanks for all your comments and emails, I have terrible internet here, I try every morning to connect, but most times nowt. Today is good though?
Keep the comments coming, Alex hope this answers your queries, Patric you did join, its the only way you can leave a comment!

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