Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Hi Everyone,
Fred thank goodness is now fixed at last, a different way to mount the struts and a new reinforced mounting were fitted.
I tested the boat this last Sunday and all is now AOK again, which, leaves me free to plan whats next. Hurricane season has only a month to go before the trade winds are supposed to start up again, I am keeping my fingers crossed for that.
After the repairs to the Garboard planks Starb. and Port, I have developed a small new leak on the portside, but I belive this is due to me re-bolting the plank, and have probably moved it a bit. As long as it gets no worse that will be another job to do next time I am hauled out. The starboard plank is not now moving, and that rarther large leak 'is no more', I just hope it stays that way, it's taken a long time to get it right.
Will blogpost the pics next time internet is good.

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  1. Hello Roy, As I sat with my lovely wife in the cockpit overlooking a wonderful flat ocean with skys clear enough to see St Croix from Chocolate Hole, St. John, We sat and talked about what a wonderful time we had sailing with you Sunday. Gabriela was saying how she wants to crew with you on a race possibly, and how wonderful Guiding Light sailed. I just sit listing to my wonderful wife as I enjoy a "very good cigar" given to me by a "Good Friend". I will taslk to you soon, or I will see you as you pull into Chocolate Hole for a visit before heading down Island.. P.S. It wont let me join the site!!

    P. Adams;S/V Barking Mermaid