Friday, May 20, 2011

Jost Van Dyke 2

Hi all,
Thursday 19th. Woke up this morning and got stuck in with the bits I need to do, achieved more than I expected, I had promised to meet up at 1800hrs with wild fox and did just that, we had a 'todays special' at Foxy's, asparagas soup and fresh caught King fish as a main, magic, ended up on my own and partied with some of the charter people, had a great night with a bit of dancing thrown in!.... Then at the end, went to the dingy dock to go back to the had been raining quite hard but stopped for a bit, a quick dash to the boat should sort that.....undid the padlock and promptly dropped the keys in the ogin!!!...boat is also locked up like Fort Knox, so actually I really really need these keys!!!! I happened at that moment to be talking idle drunken chat, as you do, to a bloke sitting there on the dock, he asked what I was going to do, I said "jump in, what do you think", I then asked him to keep his eye out for girls cos I was going to strip off first, (no underpants on), after scrabbling around in the sand for a bit, underneath the dam dingy, the place were dropped marked with an empty beer bottle I just happened to have finished, I came up gasping for breath keyless! the guy then said "you know I work for the local scuba dive place, I'm an instructer there, if you hang on a minute I'll get a mask and get the keys for you!", well I had no argument with that, cut a story short he came back and giving me the same instructions (he had no underpants on either) he jumped in and straight back out again? he then handed me my keys! bugger! Well I just had to go back to the bar and buy this guy a beer, didn't I???


  1. Sounds like a great place! Well done on your fantasic progress Roy!