Friday, May 20, 2011

St Maarten 2

Hi Guys & Gals,
Well second on the list of things to do, success! found a battery charger/shore power unit by Sterling UK, so cheap here being a freeport, don't think I could have done better at home.
Stayed a few days and had a furckle about a bit, made more new friends, hello to all at the St. Maarten Yacht Club.
I left Simpsons Bay lagoon on Tuesday at the 1130hrs opening bridge time, I made the decision to go staight to Jost van Dyke, this will give me some time, like about 8 days or so to do a bit of work on the boat before the regatta.
Had a magic sailing wind, all the way, and at 0815hrs on Wednesday morning entered inside Sir Frances Drake Passage in the British Virgin Islands via the Round Rock Channel, yellow duster flying, went right down passing all the islands at 6 knts, what a lovely sail I had!, carn't really describe how much I enjoyed it.
Well I made such good time, and after passing through Thatch Island Cut I arrived at Grand Harbour 'Jost Van Dyke' at 1200hrs! then... and in full view of the assembled yachts, most of whom are charter boats, and with as much professional expertise I could muster, I lowered all sail and went into the anchorage, I have to say here, a lot of places now have paying moorings, people squeezing as much US $ as they can from boaters, I of course being a sailor man and scary single hander (thier decsription of me) I have to do the anchoring bit for free, with everone watching how a seasoned salt doe's it!! well that is easier said than done, they put these dam moorings in every possible place you could anchor in the first place, but after a bit of a tour of the harbour which took an hour, I found my spot and dropped the hook.

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