Monday, December 6, 2010

Return to GL in Antigua

Hello at last to all followers friends and everyone who viewed the Blog.
As you know I had to store GL in the boatyard at Jolly Harbour due to pressing cash issues, this has been temporary fixed, still looking for work though. I am hoping this time as 'plan A' to gradually 'furkle' my way back to UK over the next few months. If nothing else, traveling by boat has shown that not everything can be planned for, so all can change as time and the journey progresses. I am of course looking forward to every new adventure and will be posting to the blog with pictures and text whenever I can.
Whilst at home it didnt feel quite right to post messages here, I felt in a bit of a limbo, I couldnt contact friends by phone, having lost all contacts when my phone was stolen just before I returned, I now have a cloned sim card, with this I hope the local simm, on GL, will have most of them, in the meantime my phone number is the same, please text me with your email address as well, dont forget your name and short reminder where we met (I am getting lots of senior moments having met so many new friends, and being '''That age now'''). I dont think I should post my number here for obvious reasons. Also I will attempt to contact as many of you as I can via e-mail, this could take some time, so please bear with me on this.
So I return on Friday 10 December arriving on Saturday 11 at approx 1500hs local time.
Be Well, have a Great Xmas, and Watch this space for the continuing Saga



  1. Hi Roy
    I am confused are you currently in Jolly Harbor returning to England/Wales on Friday 10th or are you in Jolly Harbor, returning to England/Wales on
    Friday 10th as a Flight out on Friday arriving Saturday indicates a flight going East.
    Regards & Best Wishes for Xmas

  2. I cannot text as I do not have your mobile number so will you keep in touch via this blog?