Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Final Missing Blog Pic's 9

And here finally are the last pics.
Pic 1 and 2 alongside at Jolly Harbour Marina, with the top diamond wires and starb spreader removed, whilst getting them renewed.
Pics 3, 4 and five, photos by a well met friend Barry, being hauled out for storage at the yard.
Pic 6 plotter showing 9,306 nm since leaving Liverpool Marina in 2009.


  1. Hi Roy,
    Not seen any change on this blog since you returned to UK. Thought you would have continued the voyage ...via this pub here...and this pub there...etc etc. After all the great adventure and all those lovely photos I was expecting something good to follow on. Still I can be patient as long as you are ok.
    Onward and Upward friend.

  2. Hi Roy - have been meaning to post and wish you fair winds. Hope that you return and get Guiding Light going again soon. We replaced our engine in the Caribbean too!. If you continue through Panama across the Pacific then you certainly will enjoy it. Look us up in Sydney.
    Bill Marsden
    Pukka Belle
    (1937 12 ton Gauntlet)

  3. Hi Roy-I thought you were going back to G.L. in November today is the last day of November & so far no additions to the Blog. Where are you at the moment & what are the Plans
    Regards Alex