Sunday, December 26, 2010

Disaster Strikes

Hi everyone,
I have some terrible news to impart about my future events here.
On the lead up to Xmas, Wednesday 22, I decided to go ashore for a drink, I have been very quiet of a night since returning, as after the theft of my last new computer, and having my present new computer all set up and working again, I felt a bit vulnerable and nervous about that. Every time I left the boat I have been locking it up the same way as it has been since I went to UK on the 16th August, (the boat when I returned on 10 Dec. was as I left it, nothing had been disturbed) As I left the boat yard at 18:45hrs I informed the security I was going but wouldn't be all that late. I have also been telling the security team every time Ive left the boat alone.
So off to the 'Boardwalk Bar' a couple of beers there then off to the 'Dog Watch' also in the marina complex. They have a Line Dancing class here every Wednesday, they play good ole rock n roll and blues, its good music which I enjoy as much as any other. It was a good night, as last before Xmas, but I still left early about 22:15hrs. A short walk and I was back at the boatyard at 22:30hrs, the security man wasn't in his hut but the pedestrian entrance was open, so I went to the boat, unlocked the hatch and went down below.....MY COMPUTER HAD GONE....!!!
Of course I found the guard and informed him but what happened there is too long a story to tell here. It was left to me to phone the Police which I did at approx 11:40hrs. I went to bed after all that my mind in a whirl.
Now the desparate bit. The Police came early as promised 07:30hrs, and began their investigation, during this they asked how I transported the laptop from place to place, I replied here with this Back Pack......The back pack was gone as well,,,,, I hadn't noticed..... I had bought it specially so as not to be obviously carrying a computer type bag around with me.
In this bag was all my documents, my Passport, GL official registration certificate, International helmsman's cert, UK merchant seamans book and immunization log, all my customs clearance papers, everything needed was there......and even if I get a new computer here.. my backup external hard drive with all programs, software, email addresses and everything I need to get a computer to work again aboard GL was in that BAG!!!
So everyone I am in a quandary as what I do next, it is going to take some time too sort this out, some of it never I fear.
As I expect maybe some of you who read this will be as horrified as myself and wish to contact me, I will take a chance and show my Mobile number in my profile, I am in the process of getting a caribbean phone number which is the one I wish everyone to use, my UK phone number will be far too expensive. So please email or txt to the Caribbean number.
Will post when I can if any developments


  1. Oh dear, Roy, I really don't know what to say! Wish we could help you. Keep strong! xx Dani

  2. Roy, this is bad news. Please let us know if there's anything we can do from here. Love, Carolyn & Glen

  3. Dear Roy, Sorry to hear about your misfortune. I hope all can be sorted quickly. All my love and hope you can enjoy good days with GL waiting for your papers to be sorted. Micheline