Thursday, December 16, 2010

Antigua 2

Hi All,
Well I've had a few days on the boat now, this has given me time to see how she fared whist alone in the hot sun for a few months. Before I left I connected all 4 batteries together and through a controller connected my 3 solar chargers, I also left my anchor light up the masthead turned on, it was nice to see it shining on the first night in the yacht club bar while having a beer with Kate and Barry. When I got on board the batteries were all charged up ready to go. The rest of the boat outside was in good condition, just as I'd left it, woodwork is a bit sun bleached and will need a scrub and oiling but apart from that she is in good condition and is still being praised by passersby
Inside though was a different story, the hot and humid conditions, and lots and lots of rain, had allowed a lot of mold to take hold, and right now I am in cleaning mode, everything has to be washed and cleaned.
Personally I found I had lost my immunity to mossey bites! and have spent a few uncomfortable days getting covered in itchy bites, but that has calmed down now and I am not getting bitten that often.
The good news is all my communications are now working again. I invested in a WiFi booster and that is allowing me good internet connection, also I invested in a different type USB adapter for my Satellite and can report a success there too. I have full access again, and with the replaced laptop can type messages at last.
I've had my first journey on the water already, when I gave 'Len' a hand taking his boat to English Harbour on Monday, I met Len in the bar on Friday night.
Will let everyone know how I get on with the cleaning.


  1. Hello Roy,
    Glad to hear that GL and you are in good shape. We are still fighting with snow and bad weather here. Enjoy sunshine and sailing and I wish you a merry sunny christmas. Much love, micheline

  2. Nice to have the blog back. Glad all is okay with G L - mold can be a nuisance but I'm sure you will manage! Wishing you a great Christmas Roy, and a successful 2011. cheers, Margaret

  3. Hi Roy,
    Nice to hear from you! kept getting adverts for viagra from your AOL, Rachel was wondering what was going off!!
    I should be home from Japan on 29th, so it you are back and the snow is not to bad, may come up for a few beers. How long you home for?? I have about 2.5 months, unless I get a better offer!

  4. Oh, Roy, Forgot to mention, remember Peter Owen, sparky??from the Ctrader days, He is ETO b2b to here with me, but he is home now for some r&r&beer etc.Dave

  5. HI Roy, glad you're back in the Caribbean BUT you should come very soon to St Lucia, Xmas eve get together, Xmas day BBQ, New Years Eve party, all at the club! Then 15th January Diamond Dash to Martinique ! Then Round Barbados Regatta ! You really would enjoy that and your crew is waiting! Please give us an update when you will be here! Look forward seeing you again!xxx Dani

  6. Next time you leave her, leave a bottle of bleach open (in a bucket) and the fumes will halt (or help minimise) the mold. Doug G in St.Kitts.