Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Missing Blog Pic's 4

Here we have the famous Mount Gay Jump Up staged in Falmouth Harbour at the begining of Sailing week. People are allowed on stage to dance, and its all done 'in peace'. The 2 girls jumped into the freezer van, to hot for some!
And here is, an as yet untold story; The band invited the audience to show how to dance Caribbean style, they do know how to move out there, they then asked the european and usa people to show them how we do it......... well the thing is, a ticket cost 40 EC dollars, no smaller, and for that you get 5! rums with mixers, I had had 2 tickets and was on my own.......so 10 rum and gingers later the band then played the 'Blues Brothers' ( 'I want you, you, you' ) song.......... no one was getting on the stage........so I 'jumped up' and solo on stage, miming the words, did my party piece dancing with all the moves! when finished I jumped off and hid!

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