Thursday, April 22, 2010

Race day 4

During the parade in Nelsons Dockyard we got our first look at the boat 'Alert' that had now beaten us twice as day 3 we again came 2nd, it is a beautiful wooden ketch but it was 62 feet long! there is no way in the world GL could have beaten her, the only reason we managed a first was she had had a collision and DNF on day 2, this is a lowest points winning scoring so we had calculated even if we came 2nd today we would still win, we looked for her on the line but could not find her anywhere. The race was a long one with a long beat to windward, we left our opposition behind again by a long way and finished getting the first cannon, according to the points Guiding Light has won her class Vintage Class B in this the 2010 Antigua Classic Regatta
Needless to say but the partying, celebrations and hard sailing is now taking its toll with all of us, still 2 nights to go, so forget that and carry on, at least no sailing tomorrow.

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