Thursday, April 22, 2010

Race day 3

Again off we went to the start line, I should mention here that a lot of boating friends I've made along the way have broken off their voyages and come here especially to cheer me on with their support, so as I leave the dock and pass them in the anchorage they cheer and hoot horns, my very hart felt thanks, I have so appreciated this show of friendship and camaraderie. We were positioning our boat quite well at the start line but one boat did a daft thing very close to me and nearly had a collision with another boat, I went further than planned and with only seconds left had to tack twice, no disasters and off we go again, this course was called the cannon, straight out 6 miles and back, twice, you get to see any faster boat at least twice. On one leg with CJ on the tiller and starboard tack he said "Roy what should I do?" he was referring to the fact that coming towards us on port, neck and neck and very close together was Ranger and Velsheda, (sorry about this but) Shit! I thought for a couple of seconds cos that's all the time you get, and said, split em, just aim straight between them, CJ looked at me and I nodded yes, if he had hesitated for a second I would have taken over, but CJ is a good helm and we split them apart, and with one traveling down each side experienced the best sight of them you can imagine, again, wowww! unbelievable. Then another close encounter, of the forth kind, again with 'Windrose' we had gone so fast and caught a faster grp boat, I was stuck to his stern like glue and he couldn't shake me off, were heading for the finish on starboard again and crossing Windrose's track, she was coming at a hell of a rate so I dearn't look, I said to Dunc "how close" "close" 30' "how close" "closer" 30' "how close" "you better look" I turned round to see her bowsprit what seemed like inches away from my stern and she screamed past WoW, we then seconds later crossed the finish line right behind Ruffian.
Immediately after this race I had promised to take part in the parade of sail around Nelsons Dockyard, I was a bit late getting there, Windrose had just gone in and the guys from the Tot Club asked me to wait a couple of mins, they gave the go ahead and I went in slowly, Windrose had turned round and was on her way out, as we slowly passed each other I noticed Capt'n Kenny Coombs chairman AYC amidships then he and the crew lined the rail from bow to stern and applauded GL!! what a moment, then as we passed the slipway a commentary of GL's history and my trip getting here could be heard given to the gathered crowd, then the moment of glory as the crowd applauded me, my crew, and Guiding Light!!! a bit further on (and all my what they called themselves) 'Fan Club' applauded me from the opposite bank, what a day.

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