Monday, March 1, 2010

More Pics and news

pic 5

pic 4
pic 3

pic 2

pic 1

Hi everyone, Well today is farewell to St Lucia, I am leaving as soon as ready today 2nd, not sure yet if I will stop at Dominica or carry on to Guadilupe, depends on wind. A few pics of the race taken by others,

pic 1= GL on her way to SL from Martinique, pic 2= at the start on Saturday, pic 3=Ronnie at the helm, Sven and myself at the Start on Sunday, pic 4= Duncans boat 'Sephina' Duncan & Danielle on board,pic 5= Danielle and me at the party.
My best wishes to everyone I met in St Lucia, not forgetting Peter (Pedro) Barnard who is recovering after his Op. Please keep in touch, I will miss you all!

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