Friday, March 5, 2010

Travelling again

Hi Everyone,
On the move again, I left St Lucia on Tuesday 2nd March, I know I stayed longer but...They gave me the option of taking part in the St Lucia Sailing Club championship Race, as a crew member aboard No. 3 'Atitude' a J24 class racing yacht, they have six J24's and we had 6 races, we didn't do so well and our race sheet was 6,6,6,6,5,4 We had good racing though, what a fun day it turned out to be, Hoping Danielle will send some photo's to me so I can post them on the blog.
So back to the move, I passed Martinique during the night, lost the wind a few times but made good time just the same.
I came round the bottom of Dominica just before dawn and passed Roseau at 0600hrs, I carried on up to Prince Rupert Bay and anchoured off Big Papas bar Portsmouth, Position: 15,34.84N 061,27.74W. Big Papa (who I met there) had a regge night and I joined that and had a good evening. One scary incident however, while away going to customs my boat dragged the anchour and was rescued by a local man! whew! I will be leaving sometime today for Guadeloupe Les Saints islands, closer to where I will meet up hopefully with Micheline and friends. Pics of my trip up the Indian River (mini Amazon jungle river) on Thursday later.
More coming


  1. Hi Roy, just sent you some more pictures. Oh dear, lucky there was a local around to rescue your boat !!!! Keep in touch. xx Dani

  2. Hi Roy & greetings from Anglesey. I was speaking to Allan Wilson t'other day and your name cropped up due to me moving to Anglesey. Came up here last August and I must say it's a move without regrets with Beaumaris being one of our favourite stops. I now live on the west side of the island, near to Aberffraw. Since first seeing Guiding Light at Port Dinorwic some years ago and making enquiries about buying her I've often looked for her around the Menai Straits.

    Pleased to seaa that you are enjoying life. With best wishes from John Hughes