Monday, March 29, 2010

Nostalgia Trip

High Folks,
Well I went to the marina at Jolly Harbour and took on fuel and water on Saturday, then went to do the internet, I'm afraid I failed again, no where could give me both connection and power, so will have to wait.
I moved GL Sunday morning, lifted the anchor at 0530hrs then the trip to Engish Harbour and Falmouth Harbour. Present Position: 17,00.60N , 061,46.67W at anchor just off Pigeon Beach Falmouth Harbour.

I won't be able to describe how poignant this is to me, when I joined the Merch Navy (May 1975) I already had the dream of going round the world in my own boat, and these two places had fired a lot of that ambition as somewhere to see.
Since then I went to the caribbean many times over the years and after joining the Mega Yachts even went there as well.
However none of these times did I fully fill my critria on; How, how far (Log reads 6,746 Nm), what time (0830hrs), what day of week (Sunday), what I would wear, and so many others, the list is long, but every item had a tick yesterday, even what I did on arrival during the day :- lamb curry Sunday lunch at Admirals Inn, Nelsons Dockyard, a red wine at the Galley Bar, a trip to Shirley Hights to listen to the best steel band playing all afternoon, with a view un paralelled anywhere I think, then down again to the bar by the tender dock Falmouth Harbour, no longer 'the odd spot' now called 'Mongoose' what a good day, I could actually come home now, not bothered about going anywhere else (but still more to see). Will be trying to contact the Classic Race Regatta Coordinator today, Helen Spooner, hopefully working something out about taking part, will post result when I find out.

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