Friday, March 26, 2010

Antigua 1

Hi Everyone,
Have arrived in Antigua, I left Deshaies on Wednesday afternoon at 1300hrs and made it to Jolly Harbour at 0230 Thursday morning, wind was wrong for Falmouth Harbour so have cleared customs here, I am anchored off the beach at Cove Bay Position: 17,04.60N , 061,54.0W, after clearing in I went to the beach, its coral sand here unlike the islands so far which have been volcanic sand, its half a mile long and I had it all to myself all day, deserted, great. Had a little drink in the YC last night and will stay the weekend I think. I have a marvellous view of Montserrat just East of me, as its not that far away. Hoping to find internet this afternoon and will go saturday to catch up, prob take me all day, keep your eye out for next post as should have pics in.

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