Monday, February 1, 2010

On the move again at last

Hi again everyone, Ive been on the move again, I left Rodney Bay Marina on Saturday 12 noon, I had a rough crossing but managed to anchor just before it went dark in Marin, Martinique. Sunday I cleared customs early, very modern computer DIY, when finished you print the form and the officer stamps it, thats it, no cost. Found it was local boat race day so did some quick shopping and back to boat to drop off the stuff, 1st race had started so took pics from boat, then off to beach to take part in the fun. pic 1= pic from boat, Pic 2= race 2 they start from the beach, pic 3= good fun as they jostle for position rounding the mark for the last time, Pic 4= these guys were so far behind but going like full speed, they won the race! see them hanging out balancing the boat with no keel at all.
more later


  1. Hi Roy
    Caorolyn hasn't updated the map recently is she away on holiday

  2. The Map at the bottom is now up to date!

  3. Hi Roy,
    how are you and Guiding LIght doing, you are missed by so many in St. Lucia and everyone hopes to see you again soon.
    Love the pictures by the way.