Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Martinique Feb 2010

Hi Everyone,
I have been doing a lot of moving about recently, there are many places to visit here, all with anchorages of various types, some good some not so good.
From my previous blog my itinerary has been as follows; Marin anchor for three days, Sainte Anne with trip ashore, Next morning a day trip to Fort de France bay to spot the layout and back to Saint Anne, Next morning Marin for quick shopping trip and dump garbage then trip to La Anse a La Ane with trip ashore, next morning a day trip to Saint Pierre and back, overnight in L'Anse a L'Ane, next morning clean dingy bottom on the beach and walkabout, Next morning trip a to Les Trois Ilets, this is close to The Domaine de la Pagerie, Napoleons Josephine birth place, trip ashore, as I arrived another Yole race (local boats as before), This morning start early 0700hrs, put sail up, run aground! 2.3 feet on my sounder which means only 4'6" water and I need 5'6", had to wait then like a complete idiot for the ferry to come in at 0900hrs, and with full astern the wake bounced me off the mud! then off to Sainte Pierre, trip ashore and where I am at anchor tonight. Each place has its own unique history, Sainte Pierre had a disasterous eruption of Mont Pelee in 1902 which killed just about all the europeans here, 30,000 people, with only one surviour. Tomorrow going back to Fort De France Bay to anchour at Fort De France city, see what I can find there. Will end this visit at Marin, they have good internet there so will be able to post the photo's I've taken, there is also a short movie of my shopping trip, why you may ask, well you go through a narrow channel through the mangrove swamp!
So more later


  1. Hi Roy, Good to see you are having fun. "Spruce" is now in Bequia and will be heading up to St Lucia on Friday 12th Feb, probably stay there for 5-6 days before moving on to Martinique... maybe we'll catch up again in the next few weeks. Best wishes Sue & Andy.

  2. Hello Roy, it all sounds great. Enjoy your life there. It is still snowing in Belgium but I am going to the sun in Ethiopia and I hope to see you next month in Guadeloupe.

    Lots of love,

  3. Roy

    Don't know where you are planning to me next month, but Ruth & I will be in Havana from the 10th to the 19th. Not sure how easy it will be for you to get in by sea though....