Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Well Hi to everyone watching the blog! I've titled the post Emotions so I won't ever forget.
Today has began and started to be quite a shocking and suprising one for me, and very personal. It started early like 0600hrs while I sat on top of the aft cockpit hatch with a rollie in one hand and a coffe in the other (breakfast), to watch the dawn and the Sun come up. It has come up dead astern of me in the east every morning since passing Cape Verde Islands. While just taking in the scenery I realized this was most likely the last full day of this journey across the Altlantic! I was so shocked then with the most powerfull and overwhelming emotional responce I think I've ever had in my life before. The thought that triggered it was, this ambition has been probably the driving force of my entire a boat (I own), capable, (the boat and me) and crossing an Ocean in one go. The sunrise and dawn has been the very best one I've seen so far, I had even got my camera out to take a pic. I didn't bother before as who wants to see loads of pics of the same thing! This added to the occasion. All my Life I have wanted to do this, I have had a few different boats hoping to find the right one, difficult with limited funds, my Mum said "to do this Roy you will have to become the managing director of a company to have the money for what you want". I think this was in 1963, I was 15years old, I had just come back from a holiday on the Norfolk Broards on a boat called 'Gay Muskateer' with my sister Lynne and her Husband Ken, and had only had model boat experiance on Walton Hall Park boating lake before that! My answer to Mum was "there must be ways and means of doing it differently than becoming a managing director" I went to night school at university to learn Navigation from a professor of navigation, you had them then, and eventually I even gave up a very good job ashore and went and joined the Merchant Navy (1975), this to have more time off in a year for holidays, (Factory only allowed 2 weeks a year then) and of course have a preview of where I would take this dream boat! I swore that I would own a big boat before I was 30! Well I did that, at one point I had 2 boats both over 30 foot but thats another story. Even being in Beaumaris and how that happened! a few people only know that one, Sue and Dick, Gill, Glyn, Llew (it was Sue who asked!). (takes an hour to tell!).
So this morning a realization that its just about over, I'll have probably done it by tomorrow night........Well not quite over but the crossing, my first time, lost my cherry so's to speak, so has GL, GONE! bugger!. (sorry but it fits and I don't have another word)
More Later

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