Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sightseeing ends

Well I've now done sightseeing of the Island, North south east west and top, from Santa Cruz west coast down to Playa del Faro and the Lighthouse at Salinas de Fuencaliente a natural sea salt farm, up the east coast as far as the boulder, just past Playa de la Zamora with a visit there and Playa Chica, this is a serious Banana farming area, Down the East coast as far as Tazacorte and north as far as Hoya Grande, the Parque Nacional De La Caldera De Taburiente at the very top, and the new tunnel through the Ridge Cumbre Nueva. Aways wanted to see La Palma Island another ambition achived, but ready for the next adventure and place to visit now.

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  1. Hi Roy - thanks for all the updates. Most people who have visited the Canaries have not had such a successful and exciting time as you! So lucky to have seen the Liverpool telescope as well - so many memories to bring back with you. love, Margaret