Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bottom of the Island

Bottom of the Island. This is the old lighthouse behind me, in the last eruption in 1971 they thought the lighthouse and lighthouse keeper had been destroyed, 3 local fishermen in a small boat bravely came to check while the lava flowed down into the sea, amazingly the lava flow had split in two and the lighthouse survived, you can see them now either side. 2 pics of the fishing hamlet right below the lighthouse, the road ends! I walked past this boulder and the next Pic is the coast with Tazacorte in the distance, dont know if there was a road all the way there or not as the lava flow is very thick and still eroding into the sea. The pic of me was taken by Manuel, he promotes the Islands Marine Preservation awareness exhibition inside the lighthouse, this side of the coast is a Marine Reserve and he actively suports and encourages/promotes the message to all the visitors! the display inside is also very good, putting you underwater and seeing the polution on the sea floor and the net using tuna fishermen catching dolphins and other things instead of the fish they want.

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