Friday, July 24, 2009

At Anchor in Ria de Camarinas

Well I have been waiting for the right moment and it was good to leave 24th July, left the berth at 3.15pm on passage for ethier Finistere or Bayona depending on wind/weather, plenty of wind so had to tack out of the Ria and by 6pm I took pics of the 'Tower of Hercules'
As expected the last effects of the Low pressure system were evident and a few rain squalls with F6 came through during the next few hours, however the swell plus wind waves gave a confused sea, the swell at approx 4mtrs and crossing waves at about 2-3mtrs made conditions a bit rough, I expected this to calm down a bit when I crossed the 500mtr contour which it did.
At about 3am 24th in a nice F5 and whilst making a cuppa (Fred has been doing the helming) we were hit by an enormous wave, then another wave and I heard an almighty BANG! thinking it could be a stay may have broken I checked the rig but could see no problem all seemed in good shape, I went down below again an again another wave hit ( think they were the wakes of big ships that had been passing) anyway another big BANG! it was then I spotted the outer jib was a bit slack on the luff, as I checked I found the boom end Cranse Iron had snapped in half, uh oh, thank god I had fitted the new Jib foot fitting otherwise I would be in all kinds of trouble, as it was the Jib Haliyard was supporting the mast but it was bouncing on the Backstay alarmingly, I was doing about 5-6 knots so I had to slow down by heaving too, hoping the haliyard and mast would not bounce so much, the backstay fitting is not so good anyway and a new one is on order as well. This worked, speed now was down to 2-3 knts and as the planned voyage was over I looked for an alternative. So here I am at Ria de Camarinas at anchor outside the harbour. Position: 43,7.74N , 9,10.47W
The wind outside has gone perfect to carry on but Im stuck till I fix this prob, have taken a photo which ill post later the 2 bangs were 1 the band cracked apart at the weld, then 2 with a split band it disorted with the jib/mast forces until it snapped at the bobstay attachment. Having checked this afternoon no other damage was caused.
Will also post the story of my last nights farewell that turned into a party later.
PS its a lovely spot to be stuck.


  1. Hi Roy, message from all aboard Genesis (Glen, Carolyn, Llew, Peter) - well done on getting the wind vane installed, its a monster! Sorry to hear about the rig failure, hope the repairs go well. Best of luck.

  2. Roy,
    Good to see you are sorting things out OK - even if you are getting the Spaniards a little drunk in the process!!!. Good sailing - Ken, Keith and Iorwerth - of the Bull Drinking Group