Sunday, May 24, 2009

Latest Update

Hi all,
We arrived in Falmouth yesterday morning in glorious sunshine at 07.45hrs after a really good sail down the Irish Sea, wind was force 5 to 6 for most of it but it dropped down and we had to motor round Lands End in a flat calm. The trip was very good but leaving Holyhead we got mixed up in a tide race off shore and took a huge wave on deck, this soaked our forward sleeping quarters which became untenable, all fixed now and we are adjusting things so it can never happen again. Sue produced gourmay food in difficult conditions, you carnt beat sitting down having savoury mince, mashed potatoes and fresh bread, and fruit salad all with silver service, this while the boat blasts along at 7knots sailing her self !!
Roy Sue Dick

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  1. Hi Roy
    I have only just discovered that you are on your way to New zealand & I wish you & your crew all the success & fair winds.
    I have been doing some research into Guiding Light & I was hoping you could fill in some of the blanks but I guess I will just have to wait till you get back.
    One point though the Lloyds Register for 1936 says she was designed by Rodney Paul although later editions just List Berthon.
    My good wishes go to you all
    Alex M Houston