Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May Update 2

Heading for Ireland after the storm 2100 hrs
We left Liverpool at 11am on Sat 9th May heading for Holyhead again, ran into some heavy weather over 35 knots of wind, but by 2100hrs it had calmed and we headed for Ireland, only way to go because of the westerly wind. It took 21 hrs to reach Holyhead at 0800 hrs on Sunday 10. Open day began at 1300 hrs and many friends and relatives came to see us and wish us well on our voyage. We wish to thank all of you it was much appreciated. The boat handled the storm with no problems and has given the crew confidence in its capabilities, we all worked well together and can let all followers know we will continue to sail with the same safety and respect for the open ocean on our travels.
We will now be storing Guiding Light ready for our departure any time after the 16th May weather permiting.


  1. Hi to Carl and Mike as new followers, Mike send an e-mail to me, lost your address. Carl I have yours. I have put a sat c on board so will send posts and e-mails in the ogin.

  2. Roy, Dick and Sue

    It was great to see you Sunday - hope to see you again in town before you go.

    Pictures posted at http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=80212&l=a3406b58de&id=758217392 - you don't have to be on FB to see them


    Phil & Ruth