Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas Up-date

Hello everyone,

Our latest news is that there is still not much more to tell you.

It’s the most difficult part, the not knowing what happened to Roy. All we know is that sadly, the Coastguard and Royal Marine Police of St Lucia have concluded their searches and investigations after six weeks. They and the Foreign Office believe from all their investigations that Roy and his dinghy are lost at sea. So now it really seems that Roy’s wonderful adventures with Guiding Light have ended.

There is to be a High Court Hearing in St Lucia at a date to be arranged sometime in the future, but we have no time scale for that. Until then, we have arranged for Roy’s boats to be maintained and looked after while these necessary legal processes proceed.

To those of Roy’s friends and neighbours in Beaumaris, the family hope to have a service to celebrate Roy’s life and achievements in February/March. Details will be posted here.

After the hearing in St Lucia we will perhaps arrange a similar service for those who knew Roy in his life in the Caribbean. We will then also be making a statement to the press, but as we have no more information at present, all we can say is a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to everyone who has supported and helped us during this traumatic time.

Roy wouldn’t want these events to cast gloom over everyone at this time of year, so hope you will all remember past happy times with him very fondly and enjoy the Christmas and New Year festivities in your usual way.

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  1. Hello, we are so sorry to hear this and it breaks our hearts.
    My wife and I met Roy 2 years ago in Antigua and had a great time talking about his adventures from over 40+ years at sea.
    A great and interesting man has been lost doing what he loved to do.
    We have some great pictures of Roy that I can send you if you would like.
    Best email is

    Todd and Holly Fulton


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