Sunday, November 25, 2018

Roy missing from Rodney Bay anchorage, St Lucia

Roy Boughton, Guiding Light

Roy Boughton, the author of this blog, went missing on 15th November 2018. This is a message from his sister Lynne:
For all Roy's friends who may visit this page:-
Thank you for asking sailors far and wide to look out for Roy and for your concern. As yet there is still no news or sightings, the coastguard have had an air and sea search going on today. 
We hope and pray for a happy outcome. Will post any further news here as well as contacting others. Lynne, Roy's sister. 22 November 2018
Anyone with any information should contact the Coastguard or the UK Foreign Office. You can also leave a comment on this blog - click the title of this post to open it in a new page, and enter your comment in the box at the bottom.

This message was posted by his concerned friends in Beaumaris, Anglesey, which Roy called home for 30 years.


  1. Just learned of Roy's disappearance and my heart is heavy with concern. Hope we have news soon.

  2. hi. Is there any news on Roy? keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. Hope he found soon and all ok

  4. Roy spent over a year in our spare quarters while rebuilding 'Guiding Light' in Independent Boat Yard
    St. Thomas. And I pray that is luck holds out and he has been picked up at sea and is safe. The alternative is beyond contemplation. Chris 'The Commander' N.

  5. ----he's a trooper and great friend. Hoping for a miracle

  6. Is there some sort account leading up to his missing? What do we know? Saw him last Oct and am sick with this news. His dinghy should have shown up by now?


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