Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Udate of Apollo and Guiding Light

Hi everyone
Arrived in St Lucia week ago today at 08:30hrs, very strong winds for the whole trip, wind was then up to 32 Knots !! in Rodney Bay.
I was worried about getting the sail down, not having done that yet.
I couldn't keep the bow into the wind so stopped the eng. and waited for Apollo to stop, then whilst still in the cockpit I just let the main halyard go ! The sail came down perfectly folding itself up on the boom, wow I was impressed. I went out and put 3 ties round the sail and then went to a berth in the Marina.
Yesterday I flew back to Antigua  and I am now aboard GL again, couple of jobs to to then I'll do the same trip again in GL.
Apollo behaved very well and is seriously a very good sea boat, I would have no qualms on taking her out on the Ocean. didn't even get wet in the white out rain that came down on us ! I do get wet on GL as nowhere to hide. 
So amazingly everything went to plan, lets hope the next installment has the same result
More coming

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