Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Intro to Apollo

Hi Everyone,

Well lots of unexpected work to the boat when all I wanted to do was fit the new echo transducer.
After all the bad weather from November last and no extra leaks or other issues it was a big and scary surprise for me.
photos following are some not all of the classics, my repair of the lead to wooden keel and finally fitting the transducer. I am now antifouling the bottom, and of course my first photo of Apollo on the hard in North Sound Marina Antigua, That was checked this Monday with friends and all was in serious good condition. I am trying to upload some pics now.

these last 2 pics are me lining up the sounder horizontal, port, starb., fwd and aft before welding it all together, all now done



  1. Hi Roy! Hope all is well! When are you coming back to Grenada??

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