Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Catch up February

Hi all, sorry again for the big gap in my postings, all due by not getting internet.

I went to Union Island for New Year, Chatham Bay, that's another story that will have to wait in the telling,
After that I had some more work to do back in Carriacou, repair a hole in the dinghies bottom.
 I then went to St Lucia to pick up my new sails. I had to then get back to Grenada for Sailing week which I had entered. Nearly didn't make it due to weather, It started on Jan 29 I got there on 27th. Had a great time good fun, it finished on 4th Feb.
At anchor at St Georges was 'Nero' the boat I helped build in China! The Engineer was already here having left it 9 years ago, we quizzed the crew and found out 2 guys from China were still working on board, Electrical guy I handed the  new boat too and the Engineer John handed over too! WoW! We had a reunion party in Port Louis Marina catching up on the last ten years.

I am now waiting for a weather window to go back to St Lucia

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