Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July first post

Hi Everyone,
Well all done, well when I say all, I mean all I was supposed to do except for the dam computer battery from my sister, Rowan will be pleased (joke) to know that the tech guy at Jolly Harbour took about 20 minutes to ruin the one she had acquired for me ! I only left him to have a fag!
Anyway have removed so many items from top and bottom priority lists waiting for my passport to arrive, a saga in itself.
Don't know if the guys remember at the classics but I had a horrible smell in the sink ! I was blaming bad seawater smell in English Harbour, but eventually found not the reason, it was the fresh water activated carbon filter had failed some how. it took 2 days and 450 ltrs of water + 32 ounces of strange chemicals to get it smelling and tasting sweet water again, first time its ever happened on any boat I have owned. ( I was still drinking it) tasted ok to me!
So I am already to go go go, only the customs to see and put everything, and I do mean everything back were it belongs, as small as I am just getting to the bog is a marathon obstical course! trying to get to bed is even harder, usually asleep before I make that.
So I am off on my travels armed with the new and improved work to do list.
will let you know when I find out

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  1. Good to share the lagoon with you for a short while. Bon voyage down south.